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Linda’s Pumpkin Patch is proud to have served the community for the last 25 years we first opened our door on February 17th, 1997.
Linda’s Pumpkin Patch would like to express a HEART-FELT THANK YOU to all our past and present families and to our staff’s loyalty many of who have been with us for many years making our progress possible.
We started with core concept that all learning is a trusting and loving relationship and continue to use this core value 25 years later.
Linda’s Pumpkin Patch has become part of many children’s families and has created beautiful lasting memories.
25 years later some of our first young ones are parents and we look forward to creating wonderful memories with their children. We look forward to nurturing and teaching our community’s youngest leaners in the years to come.

We are proud to announce that we just received the highest score available with our recent inspection for our license renewal. Through the New Jersey Department of Children and Families/Office of Licensing. We take great pride in our facility and the care that is given to each child.

Here's How We're Preventing The Spread:

• Strict Health And Safety Policies And Procedures

• Smaller Class Sizes

• Daily Health Checks For Students And Teachers

• Sinks In The Classroom And Frequent Hand Washing

• Temperature Screens Multiple Times Per Day

• External Drop Off And Pick Up

• Non-Essential Program Visitor Restrictions

• Air Sanitation System Working 24hrs/day

• Daily Use Of Ecoloxtech Fogger

We are equipped with a germicidal ultraviolet air duct disinfection system!

Welcome to Linda's
Pumpkin Patch

 With now over 24 years of child care center experience, our child care center is established and well known in the Clark, Cranford and Westfield area. Our highly experienced staff and clean cozy environment help Linda’s Pumpkin Patch quickly become part of the child’s family and beautiful lasting memories are created both for the child and the care givers as the little ‘pumpkin’ grows and becomes ready for the transition to kindergarten.

Our philosophy is that the first five years of childhood are the most important in development and learning. Our educational curriculum is designed to help children reach their fullest potential. Our programs feature fun, age-appropriate lessons and activities which help develop the whole child: physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Each child is encouraged to explore and discover at his or her own pace. The children have an engaging variety of learning activities and fun play experiences to choose from, planned with the specific age and interests of the child in mind, all with the goal of preparing each child for the next level of learning.

We are dedicated to providing the care, attention, love, learning, fun and safety that parents have come to expect since 1997. This family owned and operated center is equipped with long-term experienced and dedicated staff. Our teachers and assistants are prepared to meet the educational and developmental needs of the children in their care each and every day. Our dedication and commitment to the children leaves the parents with a peace of mind.